Tuesday, October 4, 2011

100 Day Stretch - Hoodie Edition

For those that know me personally, everyone knows I love hoodies. What a great concept. You can wear anything you want, and if you get cold, you can just throw a hoodie over it. BAM - You're warm!

Over the last couple of years, my hoodie collection has grown from zip-up hoodies to pull-overs. And I don't mean sweatshirts, when I talk about hoodies. I mean thin material, cute designs, girly hoodies. I can slip it over a tank or short-sleeved shirt, throw on a pair of jeans and if I get really cold, there's always a jacket in my closet.

With all of this being said - I am not much of a fashionista, if you couldn't already tell. (Ha!) So, when Misty from Unpretentious Teacher decided she was going to go on a 100 Day Retail Detox and invited her bloggy friends to come along for the ride with her, I thought, "I'm down!"

Saving money, coming up with new outfits from stuff I already own, and puh-robably finding things that have been lost to the back of my closet for Lord knows how long? This is gonna be good. Now, we are already on Day 18. I am just lazy and haven't taken any pictures, yet. I never have pictures taken of me - I am always the one behind the camera. I'm a toddler's mama. That is something else to work on during this 100 Day Stretch.

So, if you feel so inclined, join up with us! Save some money and get creative with your closet!

I'm not necessarily the one to look up to for fashion advice, but if you enjoy hoodies and are a stay-at-home mama, well by all means, ladies, take my advice and wear a light pull-over hoodie over a tank with some jeans. And flip flops! Even in cold weather. Pink toes are always too cute to hide! :)

If you like to look uber-cute, check out Misty's blog HERE, where she shows off some of the cutest outfits! And they are comfy, too, since she works with preschoolers!

*Note* - I don't look fab in the smaller pic, because it was really early, and this is real life. Haha! :)

Check out the link-up HERE:

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