Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And Back to Work He Goes...

Eric signed back in from leave over the weekend.

They didn't start work until today, because until everyone from the unit gets back from leave (they divided it up into 2 sets of leave, so not everyone would be gone at the same time), they have 4-day weekends, which means a 3-day work week.

Pretty sweet deal!
Not so sweet if you figure he worked 12 hour days for the past 365 days, but you get my drift.

He wasn't so ready to get back into that uniform again.
And I wasn't so ready to see him shave his head again, so guess what?

My husband has hair!

Yes ma'am!
He's got a little fade workin'. His buddy said he looks like a cop...really? Haha. I just like it. I think it looks good. And it's different. It has been completely shaved since before I met him.
It's nice to see it changed up a bit.

Back to leave. It was a nice 27-day stay-at-home vacation of fun, family activities and adventures, which are now just going to have to be allocated to the weekends.
So, now we can get into a somewhat normal routine of how life is supposed to be on a pretty regular basis.

Back to the real world.
Dun dun dun...

And not what our definition of deployment reality is. I'm thankful that is over and thankful that we have had a good transition (with a few minor bumps) with him coming back home.

Yay for normal family life!

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