Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home to Harmony

"Home to Harmony" by Philip Gulley is a refreshing book about small-town America, in what I thought was "the old days." It was actually set in modern times, which goes to show the reader just how small a town Harmony really is. It begins with a Quaker minister going back to his hometown to take over as pastor of the church he grew up in. Although the church members and elders would like for things to go on exactly as they were before, the new pastor has a different approach to his ministry and is ready for a change.

The book is full of all sorts of things you would expect to see in a small town: the local gossips, people being in everyone else's business, people liking things to stay the way they have been their entire lives. But, you also see a side of people in the small town that is sweet and Christian and humbling: the parents who lost their son at a young age and stayed in the home, but now want the pastor and his young family to move into their home. The only stipulation - that they can come have coffee and read the morning paper on the porch on the weekends, and that every so often, they can come inside and touch the spot where they last marked their son's height on the dining room wall. That spot on the dining room wall is why they were never able to sell their home.

"Home to Harmony" was a sweet read. There were some silly characters, some of which you might know someone just like them in real life. And there were some really sweet characters. All in all, the people of Harmony were good people, and Harmony seems like a nice place. A good, Americana, type place. I recommend reading it, if you get a chance.

Phillip Gulley has other books about Harmony available: Just Shy of Harmony, Signs and Wonders, Christmas in Harmony, Life Goes On, A Change of Heart, The Christmas Scrapbook, Almost Friends.

He has also written other Christian books, which can be found on his website GraceTalks with Phillip Gulley. *Note* - I read this book and wrote the review on my own. I am in no way affiliated with the author. I just found the website, when I Googled an image, so there you go. Put some Windex on it. Any takers? You know what movie that is? :) I love how I can be talking about one thing and completely go off topic. Anyway. Go read the book, haha.

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