Monday, September 26, 2011

ONE Act a Week

ONE Act a Week: Tell the stars to keep it up!

Action: 13. Time: 2 minutes. Level of difficulty: Easy

Star Power

This week, a group of prominent African artists and global celebrities united against the famine in the Horn of Africa by signing an open letter urging African leaders to take real, effective action to end hunger and its causes. Nearly 60 artists signed onto the letter, including Youssou N’dour, Nameless, Angelique Kidjo, 2face Idibia, Hugh Masekela, Freshly Ground, K’naan and Bono.

Your assignment for this week is to reach out to one of these artists and encourage them to keep talking about the famine on Twitter, Facebook, in the media and at concerts.

These celebrities have the power to turn their fans and social networks into activists if given the right support and inspiration. Your job is to make sure they know that. Here are a few artists and their Twitter and Facebook handles to get you started, but you can also reach out to another artist from our full list of signers, too.

K’naan, Somali-Canadian rapper:
@Knaan, Facebook

Angelique Kidjo, Beninoise singer-songwriter:
@angeliquekidjo, Facebook

Eric Wainaina, singer-songwriter from Nairobi:
@EricWainaina, Facebook

Daddy Owen, gospel artist from Nairobi:
@Daddy_Owen, Facebook

2Face, Nigerian musician:
@2faceidibia, Facebook

Chimamanda Adichie, Nigerian writer:
@chimamandaadie, Facebook

Don’t know what to say? Tell them to keep up the good work, tell them to keep sharing stories from the Horn of Africa, tell them to urge their fans to become activists. And please be sure to use the hashtag #AfricaLetter so we can track your comments and post them up on our blog next week.

*Note* I wrote to Russell Simmons on Twitter. Maybe he will respond to Lil' Ol' Me, and maybe he won't, but thanking someone who has an international influence for making a difference in the lives of those who are suffering, well, that may be the driving force behind why people do what they do. They can see that they make a difference. Go let someone on the list know that what they are doing is important. Let Bono know his work has touched your heart.

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