Friday, June 3, 2011

My Favorite Things

We have had so much going on over here, that it's hard to just write about one thing. So, I figured I would jot down a quick list of some of my favorite things we've been doing as a family. The hubs has been on leave (i.e. vacation) for the last few weeks, and we have about one more to go before he starts putting the uniform back on again. We have been trying to cram in as much fun family time as possible, while still enjoying the lazy days of summer. So, here goes:
  • Strawberry Picking - a first for all of us
  • Taking Waylon to his first baseball game and hearing him say "More," as in to the pitcher to throw the ball again
  • Dodging cicadas in Nashville (not really fun)
  • Watching Erin scream while dodging cicadas in Nashville (really fun, haha!)
  • Blowing bubbles for Waylon and watching him laugh, as the dogs eat them mid-air
  • Starting our new hobby, geocaching - It can drive you crazy, but it's crazy fun!
  • Seeing Waylon's face light up, when he saw the moving dinosaurs at the Adventure Science Center (and hearing him "Roar" in response)
  • Giant floor puzzle and game times as a family
  • Finding out Charlie Daniels has a museum and watching Waylon run through said museum
  • Having Waylon insist on wearing his helmet in his wagon, because he loves it and fearing we look like "those" parents, haha!
  • Getting new bikes and going on bike rides
  • Seeing Waylon Jennings' Nashville home - Southern Comfort - too cool!
  • Trying out some great, new restaurants
  • Beautifying our flowerbed with purples and pinks! (My choice, of course)
  • Visiting the zoo with Waylon's best bud, Jacob
What has your summer looked like, so far? Any plans? We have a lot more on the list. Stay tuned!

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