Sunday, September 4, 2011

Football Lovin' Dogs

And now, for your viewing pleasure and mine, haha.

Just a few College Football lovin' dogs...

Who obviously have no control over what their masters put on their bodies...

Thank goodness for the Halloween section at PetSmart and Mama's decision to have Waylon be a quarterback last year AND to have a whole little "team" to go along for a cute theme.

University of Texas Game Day is now "Doggy Dress Up Day." Woot!

Meet The Pups:

Dixie - Our Happy Little Cheerleader - Waylon calls her a "Princess" in this outfit. :)

Hunter - Our Not So Happy Little Coach, who just lays down on his pillow, when his uniform is on.

Shooter - Our Happy Little, Yet Not So Little Gigantic Football.

*If you click the picture, it will show up more clearly. This version is slightly blurry.*

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