Monday, September 12, 2011

Lessons Learned

Hey, all! I am linking up again with Karen from Celebrate Life for this week's Lessons Learned.

- Sometimes there are no words to express how you feel about honoring the fallen and the brave, but sometimes there is more profound meaning in that silence than anything you could ever say.

- On a lighter note, dishes don't wash themselves. Trust me! I have given them puh-lenty of time!

- Ear infections seriously hurt! Now I get why my son screams, when he gets them.

- Dogs like to eat poop.

- Dogs like to lick your face.

- Dogs like to eat poop, and then come in your house and lick your face. Ugh!

- When dogs get caught eating poop, and you yell at them, they immediately look up, with ears perked up, like "What? I wasn't doing anything." Yes, you were! Gross!

- I still love my dogs.

- Most of my lessons are learned from my dogs, haha.

- Oh, here's one about the boy - I think he just might turn into a saltine cracker, if he continues eating them at the rate he is going.

- When you teach your child to say "Excuse Me," when he toots, this is good for nice manners. Sometimes, you have to ask him if he tooted, so he has a little reminder to say "Excuse me." This is great, until you are in the spaghetti sauce section at the grocery store, with people around you, he toots, and says, "Mommy, you tooted?" CRINGE... "No, buddy; that was you. Did you toot?" "Yeah." "What do you say?" "Excuse me." "That's nice. You're excused. Good manners." (In a loud voice, so hopefully the people around me know it wasn't me that tooted.) I freaking die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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