Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Sweetness Vol. 2

Hello There, Sweet Friends!

I hope your long weekend is treating you well. I've been enjoying some lazy mornings with my boys, and we are gearing up for some football tonight with some "Game Day" food. I'm also totally dressing my dogs up in their football gear, as well. Yes, I'm going to be doing a post on that, so you can enjoy the ridiculousness, as much as I will be. :)

On to Saturday Sweetness...

I thought this week, I would share some of my favorite albums with y'all.

Not just albums by my favorite artists, but albums that I seriously like It could literally play over and over, and I wouldn't really have a problem with it. So...

This week's topic:

Bri's Top 3 Album Picks

That She Could Listen To Over And Over And Over Again


Maroon 5

Songs About Jane

What can I say about this album? I remember when I first started to hear their songs on the radio; I thought they were friggin' amazing! I loved everything about their music. They had this cool sound, that to me, was both sort of jazzy cool and chill at the same time. I don't know how to describe it. You've heard their music before. Or you haven't. And if you haven't; I suck as a critic, haha. I just really like Maroon 5's sound. Their music has a cool sexiness to it, and I totally dig it. I have their other albums, as well. "Songs About Jane" just happens to be my fave. And my favorite song on the album? Sunday Morning. Love, Love, Love it. And it doesn't hurt that the lead singer, Adam Levine, isn't that bad to look at. Mmm...Mmm...Mmm! :) Who doesn't like a sexy, tattooed, bad-boy with a voice and a guh-reat smile?



Let the Good Times Roll


I know you're probably thinking right now - Kalaeloa? Who? Well, they just happen to be a little Hawaiian duo I discovered while I was stationed there a while back. One thing I really miss about Hawaii is the Hawaiian music on the radio stations. I mean, where else are you going to hear new Hawaiian bands straight off the islands? They're not playing them in Nashville; that's for sure! Anyway. One thing about Hawaiian men; they love to sing about how much they love their women. That's how I came across this album. I heard the song "Kiss Me in the Morning" on the radio and thought it would be the perfect song for our Hawaiian wedding! I bought the album and never looked back. I love every single song and put it on any time I'm feeling nostalgic for those fun drives around the island with our windows rolled down and hair blowing all around. You can download it from iTunes. I highly recommend it!


Jimmy Eat World

The Middle


Ah, Jimmy! How I love Jimmy Eat World! What a fun band! And I am just realizing that besides my wedding song album, both albums are from right around after I graduated high school and was going to lots of concerts. Maroon 5 Concert - Check. Jimmy Eat World Concert - Check. This album rocks, except for one really sad song. (I think it's about someone who passed away. Sad, I know!) Unfortunately, I usually skip through it, because it kinda brings me down in the middle of rockin' in the car or rockin' while I'm cleaning the house. Poor little Debbie Downer song. I do know the words to it, though. I just completely love the album! I know every single word to every single song and could play it for days! It makes me laugh to remember being at the concert and thinking the lead singer plays his guitar really funny - or shall I say - he looks really funny while he plays it. And he wouldn't care that I said that. He would just throw money in my face and say, "Hahaha, that funny-looking way I play guitar took me to the bank!" And it's true. Touche', Jimmy Eat World lead singer, touche'. By the way, did any of you see them on Yo Gabba Gabba? I just about peed my pants when I saw them flying through the air on the backs of fluffy animals. Oh yes, almost forgot - favorite song - it's a tie - The Middle, of course and Get It Faster.

Maybe another time, I'll do a country Top 3 version, because you know I have one of those, too!

What's on your Top 3 Album Picks List?

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