Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lessons Learned

I am linking up with Karen over at Celebrate Life for "Lessons Learned." Here are some things I learned this week, that may be of value to other parents:

- When your 2 1/2 year old learns how to turn the bathroom light on and off, by standing on his tippy-toes and using the verrrry end of his fingertip, he will insist that it be his job...from that moment on. Do NOT forget that!

- When Little Mr. Independent insists on throwing away his own diaper and has issues with the trashcan lid, if he asks for help, don't just say, "It's ok, we can fix it later." This will cause him to bring the garbage can lid in to the living room around his body, holding the other part, both of which will then be deposited onto the coffee table.

- Time-out is still effective even when your toddler starts to say "One, two, three, four...Go time-out!" To you...haha. And then you come home to a door that is hard to open; to learn that three of his toys were put in time-out. And they were facing the door. I guess they were misbehaving.

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