Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Popsicle to the Rescue!

Waylon has become Mr. Independent right before our eyes, and he wants to help do EVERYTHING. Last night, he wanted to help carry the big tub of animal crackers from the garage to the kitchen. I obliged, since I had a load of laundry to do, and his daddy was getting some chicken ready to marinate for the next evening's dinner. Much to my dismay, the next thing I know, I hear a thud and a scream, which is not followed by an, "I ok!"

I run inside to find him in Daddy's arms, crying so hard; he had tripped on a dang ol' tractor. After stroking his back for about a minute, I just had to take him into my own arms, (it's a Mommy thing) and I cuddled him on the couch. That's when Daddy noticed he had a busted lip. His first one. Oh no! And unfortunately, probably not his last. We tried to use one of the boo-boo ice packs, but he didn't want anything to do with it.

So, we gave him a popsicle. He chose the purple one. And boy, did that lift his spirits! He loved his "Popasicle!" He was smackin' away on that thing; it was crackin' us up! I think he even forgot his lip hurt, which, I guess, is the purpose.
Sometimes, a sweet little sugar-free frozen treat is the best medicine for a big boo-boo...besides big hugs from Mommy and Daddy, of course!

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