Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

I love Earth Day! Always have! We do what we can on a daily basis to try to help our planet. We recycle, plant flowers, refrain from littering...just our little part in our little corner of the world. Here is a little peek into how we spent our Earth Day...

Rawhide came out for a snack. He loves apples!

Then, he was over his "Nature Indoors" photo shoot, haha.

We added a little spring decor to our (un-weeded) garden.

We went for a "Nature Walk." And yes, Waylon brought his broom.

We checked out some of the storm damage from this week. Poor tree.

Waylon had fun blowing on a dandelion.

I adored my hydrangeas, which will be added to my garden after Easter. *LOVE*

We had a really good day. I'm excited to go to Lowe's tomorrow to get our free tree. It looks like it might be a small tree, so Waylon and I should have fun planting it. Giving back to Mother Nature. Teaching Waylon about the planet. (He already recognizes Earth, when he sees it. Yay!) Letting him get his little hands dirty. Love it!

How did you spend your Earth Day?

Remember, it's never too late to go plant some flowers for the spring/summer.

Everyday can be Earth Day!

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