Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What the Paas?

With my hubby's redeployment right around the corner, what better way to get prepared than to host an Easter get-together at my house? Haha. Honestly, it was a good idea. Otherwise, I would be sitting here, thinking to myself, "I need to clean - for real!" :) I was really excited that all of my decorating was finally done. All of the pictures I had wanted to get up on the walls before Eric got home, were up and looked great. The Easter decorations were up, the plastic eggs were filled; all that was left to do was get the food started before the guests arrived.

Well, actually I had a slight setback prior to everyone arriving. As I was beginning my food prep, I heard a strange noise, like water dripping. *Never a good sign.* So, I checked out the cabinets underneath my sink, and the bottom was filled with water.

Are you kidding me!?!

I don't have time for this. I take out everything, dry the water with towels and leave the cabinets open, so it can air dry. Seriously, didn't even cross my mind to photograph THAT disaster.

Next up, I'm finally ready to get started on the food. I wanted to do the Deviled Eggs first, because they were going to be a fun surprise. My Aunt Bobbi always made special Deviled Eggs for Easter, in that the hard-boiled white part was colored, like Easter eggs. We could always look forward to her bringing them for the holiday. Since, I was hosting Easter for a group of friends who had never had these special eggs, I figured it would be a treat. So, it had to get done first! Imagine my surprise when I got out my cups, poured the water in, and then got my Paas Easter egg dye kit, and saw this:

It was empty! Completely fuh-reakin' empty!

It wasn't just missing the color tabs, or the wand to pull the egg out of the cups, or the stupid flower stickers; it was missing EVERYTHING!!! And it wasn't like I was trying to dye the eggs the day before or two days before - it was 30 minutes before, because I'm a procrastinator, and that is what we do! So, I couldn't go out and buy a new box, or return this super-empty one. Really Paas? Really? You're the name-brand in Easter egg dying kits, and you gave me an empty box. Now, I'm gonna be paranoid every Easter for the rest of my life. Poor Waylon. His friends are going to be like, "Why does your mom shake the dye kit boxes?" or "Why does your mom buy so many egg dying kits?" And I'll overhear them, and I will get on my soapbox, because sometimes the little chihuahua that lives inside me gets to barkin', and I foresee that as one of those times. *Just a warning future friend of my kid.* Haha. So, thank you Paas. You're gonna give my kid a complex. After my initial "What the Paas?" moment, I remembered I had food coloring, which I assumed was safe to consume - it is for food, right? So, onto the peeling of the hard-boiled eggs...

Which was a disaster!!!

Oh, my goodness! Look at them. Not a one was smooth. Seriously, they all looked like they had gone through a tiny hard-boiled egg war. I was standing at my sink, saying to myself, "Am I being punished because I'm making Deviled Eggs on a Christian holiday? Everyone does it. Aunt Bobbi's turn out smooth. There's nothing wrong with Deviled Eggs. It's just an egg. It's just a name." I was literally standing at the sink, saying these things out loud. I know - little weird over here. On a day like that, it was necessary, haha. Seriously, I've hard-boiled eggs before, and those egg shells peel right off with no issue. Try to have a display of Easter-Egg-Colored Deviled Eggs, and the shells want to stick to every last bit of white egg that they can.

Those eggs were almost the death of me that day. By the time I was done peeling them, I didn't care that: A) my guests were arriving and no food, including a bag of chips that could easily have been dumped into a bowl, was ready B) the carpet powder I had put down with the intention of vacuuming up, was still visible, but since I had vacuumed the night before, I figured it was good enough C) I still hadn't mopped my kitchen floor, but with all of the water that had come off the bottom of the crap from under my sink, it pretty much mopped itself D) I forgot my air was set at a cool 64 degrees, because "Who likes to sweat when you're getting ready for a party?" oh, my poor guests... E) no fun Easter-themed desserts for the kids ever got made - boo F) there is no F. I just felt there should be an F, because it summed up the feeling for the morning as a big, fat, FAIL!

BUT! The ray of sunshine amidst the craziness! The Deviled Eggs DID happen. Thank you, Mandie. We thought we were almost going to have brown eggs, instead of purple - who knows the blue-to-red ratio when using food coloring to dye eggs instead of using a Paas egg dye kit? Hmmm...maybe Paas would know. But, the purple ones ended up a little tie-dyed, which was cool.

See? Colorful, just like an Easter Egg. :) And that makes me happy.

Waylon enjoying his goodies. *I love that shirt!*

And the kids had fun with their indoor Easter egg hunt. Yes, I said indoor, because Tennessee weather sucks. 6 kids - 150 eggs - ALL in my living room - it was on like Donkey Kong. They were cute. I'm sure it wasn't the best egg hunt they will ever have, but nonetheless, they enjoyed it and enjoyed all of their goodies. For a rainy day, we had a pretty good time!

Our Pretty Girl

Oh, and Dixie got in on the festivities, too. She wore the "Funny" Ears, as Waylon calls them.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter. We get to celebrate again when Eric gets home. That is when Waylon will get his Easter basket. For now, he has been having fun playing with all of the plastic eggs and watching "The Easter Carol" by VeggieTales.

Happy Spring!

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