Sunday, May 1, 2011

I SPY: Shoes & Jewelry

I am excited to be doing my first I SPY! I am linking up with Little Miss Momma for the fun & festivities, albeit a little late. Sorry, ladies! I hope y'all enjoy a sneak peek into my closet to see some of my favorite jewelry and shoes.

I recently organized my jewelry, while my husband was deployed. Before, it was just a big ol' mess! I bought an open-wood frame from Hobby Lobby, some muslin material and had the gals in the frame shop there staple it across the back for me. Perfect for an earring display!

I love silver rings, or white gold! I never wear yellow gold. I think the only pieces I own are from my family from when I was younger, that I consider keepsakes. (The ring holder, was a stacking ring toy for my son. When the wooden toy rings started getting lost, I re-purposed it for my rings!)

I love bracelets!!! So easy to add to an outfit! I have bracelets from Hawaii, the bazaar in Afghanistan, the Houston Rodeo (the one on the bottom - a large bangle bracelet, Mod-Podged with vintage Rodeo gals - quite possibly my favorite), and of course, Claire's and other stores. Oh, and I re-purposed a paper towel roll for those babies to rest on. You're welcome, Earth.

Necklaces! There is a turquoise necklace I got from my husband for Christmas, a Lisa Leonard Designs piece, an Allora Handmade rosette necklace, and a ribbon necklace with a wooden cut-out of Africa made by Debi Jenkins, who is fund-raising for her Ethiopian adoption. As my wardrobe has become more earthy, I am trying to incorporate similar-colored jewelry, as well.

Yes, those are Billy Idol record earrings. I love him; I have his tattoo on my back (not him tattooed on my back - his tattoo - long story); I met him a couple times; he kissed my cheek; we have a history. I say history completely sarcastically. :) No, I did not wear those idiotic earrings when I met him. They are just for fun. I found them on eBay. Where else? Haha!

The pearl necklace and holder were my grandmother's. Nothing silly about that. It's just pretty.

There is my crazy collection of bangle bracelets. Almost 30, and still holdin' on. I know...

And yes, those are slap bracelets...from like 1991. And yes, it is New Kids on the Block. And yes, I did wear that when I wore ALL neon to their concert when I was in the 3rd grade. I was cool. And just a side-note...the Coca-Cola one has a ruler printed on the inside, haha! Keeping those forever!

Let's play a game called: Which one is different from the others? Just kidding. I don't have a ton of heels. But, I love these! The black stilettos and leopard heels were from my pre-Waylon days, but I'm totally keeping them. And I recently got the tan Bongo loafer-wedges to go with jeans for casual date nights with the hubs. And I had to share my Asics with everyone. They are my favorite walking shoe, definitely the most comfortable of all the shoes I've had before!

Heels are fun, until your toes go numb. Flats are my go-to "dress up this outfit a little" shoe. Um...I just realized they are all from Target. Ha! I need to get out more! The floral shoes were just purchased for my husband's Welcome Home Ceremony! Either those, or the shiny sandals. We shall see what I choose. :)

And honestly, I live in flip-flops! End of story.

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