Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lessons Learned

I'm linking up with Karen over at Celebrate Life again for this week's Lessons Learned. It's amazing how much you don't even realize you learn, until you start jotting it down! So, here goes:

- Humidity sucks!
*Note to self - Move to a place where humidity does not exist for majority of the year.

- Hubs teaching toddler son to make fart noises under armpit is cute/funny, yet I foresee quite mortifying moments with this newly learned technique in my future.

- Little boys don't care how much they sweat; they just like to be outdoors!

- Dogs like ice cubes for a treat just as much as they like their bones.

- A motorcycle riding grandpa who lives in the mountains will always have a soft side, when it comes to his little "Hito."

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