Monday, August 29, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday: The Smurfs

I am finally back with another Muffin Tin Monday! After a couple of weeks of no planning and last minute scrambling, thinking - no, I just cannot pull together a muffin tin today - I finally got my bum in gear, folks! Woot! This week's tin was inspired by our family going to see The Smurfs or as my son likes to call it The Smurms or The Smurps, whatever he may be in the mood for. It was so cute! I loved it! Love, love, love Neal Patrick Harris, love Gloria from Modern Family, (whatever her name is in real life) and love that chick from Glee (whatever her name is in real life, too). The hubs even loved it, and the son - he really loved it! Definitely buying it when it comes out on DVD, and definitely going to see the sequel, when it comes out in theatres. Too cute!

Top Row: Swiss Cheese "Blue Moon," Graham Cracker "Book of Spells," Blueberry Muffin "Smurf Village Mushroom Cottage"

Bottom Row: Blueberries aka "Smurfberries," PB&J on WhiteWheat "Smurf-Wich," Blueberry Yogurt "Vortex"

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